A Guided Meditation 2020

Working with type and motion to create a visual rhythm and reflect breathing cycles.This is a simple meditation guide I acquired through practice to help relieve stress and anxiety. Try it! - I hope to make a few more of these kinds of videos with different mediation methods.

In Flux – Oil on Canvas, 2019

This work was fimed in Downton Brooklyn and Chinatown. Through the layering of repeated video footage, I wanted to capture the repetitive nature of skateboarding.
Thanks to: Justin Gurmack, Gloria, Evan Mock & many others.

White Blanket – 2018

Repetition, and layering of textures somehow creates a trance like effect.

Concrete Meets Video Meets Painting – 2018

Concrete block (24" x 24"), projector, digital video (12:07 minutes, looped)

The project was exhibited as a video installation at Art Center College of Design. The piece consisted of one video projection mapped onto a concrete block and another video that was mapped around the concrete serving as a frame. The video projector pointed to the floor over the concrete in the middle of my empty studio. The idea was to create a painting while using video as the medium. Through using various video editing techniques and type animation, I created an abstract video piece that represented the materiality of the projection (non-physical) vs. the materiality of what it’s being projected on (physical).

Meditation for becoming a goddess – 2018

This piece was created as both a sound and video installation. For this video I combined the found footage of Habibi Lal belly dancing with layered samples of Arabic drums + high frequency vibrational sounds to create a three dimensional sound experience.

Visión Interior – 2018

Through video collaging and editing, this soundless represents a new form of painting. Conceptual cues such as blurriness, slowness as a mode of abstraction, and uncomfortable material pairings, are tools I utilize to warp the lines between technology and nature.

This piece was exhibited in Beverly’s in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 2020.

Untitled 01 – 2017

Projector, digital video (08:03 minutes, looped)

An abstract video collaboration with Sydney Chen. The footage was collected by both Sydney and I - I put together all the video footage with After Effects, selectively placing audio in certain segments of the video. We wanted to create abstract imagery that links passing mental thoughts and memories to present visual observation.

This piece was originally created as a site specific installation under the stairwell in one of the buildings of our school’s campus.

Transgressive 00– 2017

This piece was created in 2017 - it was my first video piece edited in iMovie. “Transgressive 00” depicts a girl talking about her sex and work life and how it started to where it’s led her. The visuals are repetitive and blurry, alluding to the transgressive nature of the story.

Actors: Gina and Karma